Celebrating Advent

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What is the Catholic Advent?

Celebrating Advent

You're so busy rushing around getting ready for the Christmas season that you've almost forgotten one of the most important parts of the holiday - the Advent. Yes, you have a calendar, but Advent means more than opening little doors as you count down the days until Christmas. You need to take time to honor traditions that go back thousands of years too.

To celebrate the Advent, you will need to:

  • Talk to your local parish priest or pastor to find out if he is following traditional Advent practices, which include a special mass or church service each day. While your church will probably be delighted to have you come each day, it is especially important to attend each Sunday mass or service, beginning with the Sunday that is right before or right after the Feast of Saint Andrew. This Sunday will begin the month of Advent, which always has at least four Sundays in it.
  • Think about the meaning of Advent. This holiday was created as a way for people to realize the importance of Christmas, but it was also designed to help people prepare for Christ to enter their lives.



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