Wood or Iron Nativity Set

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Are There Wood or Iron Nativity Sets?

Wood or Iron Nativity Set

There are two very classy Nativity sets that people can display in their homes for a more modern touch or an international feel.

One that gives you a more modern feel is an iron Nativity set, even though it has an old appeal to it. A hand made and hand painted 10-piece Nativity set is sure to brighten up your home with its vibrant colors and modern look. For about $80 you can purchase an iron Nativity set on line or look for them elsewhere. A Nativity set such as this can be used either indoors or can be displayed outdoors as well.

An example of a Nativity set that offers the owner an international feel is a Nativity set made of wood. A 13-piece wood carved Russian Nativity set may be the perfect Nativity for a home that wants a more international flare in their home. The wood is hand carved and painted with subtle and lovely colors that will go with just about any decor. The set is actually made in Russia and costs about $300.

Whatever type of Nativity set you choose, whether it be a wood set or an iron set, you will know when you see it if it will be a good fit for your home this Christmas!



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