Miniature Nativity Set

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Are There Miniature Nativity Sets Available?

Miniature Nativity Set

If you don't want to display a Nativity set on a table top or shelf somewhere because you don't have the space or you want to show off other figurines, you may want to consider a Nativity Set that hangs on your tree in the form of Christmas ornaments.

With a 12-piece miniature Nativity ornament set, you get all the essential people involved with the Nativity, in tiny ornament form to hang on your Christmas tree. Ornament sets such as these look like they are made from wood but are actually made from resin. Their wood-like appearance gives them a hand-made look. You can easily complete an entire Nativity set in one easy purchase when purchasing a 12 piece Nativity set. Each ornament is 3/4 of an inch to almost two inches, so the entire set will not take up much room on your Christmas tree if space is important.

If you wanted you could even display this set somewhere other than your tree. Because this Nativity set is so tiny, it is sure to not take up much space anywhere you set it. At only $9, a miniature Nativity set is not only a space saver; it is also easy on your wallet!



12/5/2008 9:14:56 AM
Vicky Williamson said:

Where can you find them that are 3/4 inch? Most are 4 inches.


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