African American Nativity

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Are There African American Nativity Sets?

African American Nativity

Since Christmas and family go hand in hand, many families wish to have a nativity scene that depicts the holy family they can relate to with their own ethnicity and heritage. Bronner's offers a choice of nativities including various skin tones and artistic styles. Specialized Christmas sites like this have many choices for Nativity sets, Christmas decorations and just about anything Christmas related you could imagine, including an African American Nativity set.

This set features the Three Wise Men, the baby Jesus and Mary and Joseph. You also get an ox, a donkey and a sheep to complete your set, all for only $60. The set is made from ceramic and painted with care for a beautiful ethnic feel.

For many families, especially those of color, it is important to have figurines displayed at Christmas time that represent their culture and ethnic background. Having an African American Nativity set is a wonderful way to do just that!



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