Applique Christmas Stocking

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What are Appliqued Christmas Stockings?

Applique Christmas Stocking

One other type of Christmas stocking that hasn't been mentioned is a very popular type, appliqued Christmas stockings. An appliqued Christmas stocking is one that has a design or a cut out that is applied to another material, which is in the shape of a stocking. This design or cut out can be glued or sewn onto the material that is the stocking.

When you are looking at applique Christmas stockings, you may find a felt stocking that has an embroidered snowman sewed onto it, or you may find a stocking made from micro suede and an embroidered Santa Claus on it made from cotton. You can even find stockings in velour with a velveteen applique.

Applique's on stockings are very popular choices and are found in homes throughout the country hanging on mantles during Christmas time. You can find these popular Christmas stockings at retail stores and on Internet websites that sell Christmas items. Because these stockings can be personalized they may cost you over $20.



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