Patterns for Christmas Stockings

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Are There Patterns to Make my Stocking From?

Patterns for Christmas Stockings

If you are up for the challenge, you may want to consider following a pattern and making your own Christmas stocking. As previously mentioned, Christmas stocking kits often come with patterns, material and supplies needed to stitch a Christmas stocking.

If you don't want to purchase a kit but would rather purchase or use a separate pattern because you want to pick your own colors and supplies, then you may want to find a pattern for Christmas stockings that don't come as part of a kit. You can find Christmas stocking patterns at sewing stores or online. You can find patterns for cross-stitching or needle pointing your Christmas stocking or patterns for knitting your Christmas stocking.

The real bonus of purchasing a pattern for a Christmas stocking is that you can individualize your Christmas stocking to your liking. If it is needle point you want to use, you can pick your own thread colors if you don't like the recommendations given to you, the same goes for cross stitching and knitting your own Christmas stocking.

Patterns for Christmas stockings can often be found for free on the Internet or purchased for very low prices at sewing stores or online. Just make sure you have some knowledge of cutting and following patterns, because there is a lot of measuring and following directions that go into using a pattern.



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