Christmas Stocking Kids Can Make

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Can My Child Make His Own Stocking?

Christmas Stocking Kids Can Make

Has your child ever expressed interest in making his or her own stocking just for fun or something to do? Well, this next holiday season, why not let them get a bit messy and make their Christmas stocking.

First, a parent must be present because it will require some assistance, especially if you have young children. You will want paper grocery sacks and you will want to draw matching stocking shapes on two different parts of the paper sack. Your child can then cut out the shape or you can help, depending on the ability level of the child. Once the stocking shapes are cut out, you can take a large needle and some red yarn and you and your child can put the two stocking shapes together by sewing them with the red yarn. Your child can then decorate the stocking anyway he or she wants and by adding a ring of brown paper that is glued to the top of the stocking, you can hang the stocking right next to the others on the mantle.

This entire Christmas stocking craft is cheap and fun!



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