Personalized Christmas Stocking

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What is a Personalized Christmas Stocking?

Personalized Christmas Stocking

Nothing says Christmas like the hanging of the Christmas stockings and of course, to keep track of whose stocking is whose, you must make sure to have personalized Christmas stockings. If you have your name on a Christmas stocking no one will have any doubt whose stocking is it, including Santa Claus when he comes to fill it! Most often you will find the name of the person embroidered or stitched onto the stocking, but you may find them painted on as well.

Personalized Christmas stockings are a great idea to purchase when a child is born, a couple gets married or a new addition is added to a family in some way, shape or form. And don't forget a stocking for your favorite pet! When shopping for personalized Christmas stockings, whether it be online or in a store, you will surely come across stockings made of felt, stockings that are knit, stockings that are cotton or stockings that are embroidered. You will find choices of Santa Claus on a stocking, a snowman, a reindeer, elves, Nativity, or even just a plain red stocking that can be personalized.

Personalizing a Christmas stocking is quite easy. If you are ordering online, follow the directions for the website you are on. Most likely you will be asked to type in the first name of the person you want the stocking personalized for and that is that. If purchasing at a store, you will need to write down the name so the person who is personalizing your stocking spells the name correctly.

Personalized Christmas stockings will range in price, but average about $20 or less for the stocking. Certain stores will charge an additional fee to put the name of the person on the stocking for you, but in the end it is worth it.

And of course, don't forget a stocking holder and stocking stuffers!



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