Musical Christmas Calendar

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What is a Musical Advent Christmas Calendar?

Musical Christmas Calendar

What can $10 get you as far as an Advent calendar goes? How about an Advent calendar that plays music? When you purchase this type of Advent calendar, you display it as you would any other Advent calendar, and you will open a window as you would any other Advent calendar to display a poem, a Bible verse, a picture, or a Christmas fact. The difference between your average Advent calendar and a musical Advent calendar is that your musical Advent calendar you can press a button that will play music!

You can purchase a musical Advent calendar that has Santa Claus on it and plays Jingle Bells or a musical Advent calendar that has Mary and Joseph on it that plays Silent Night. These are just two of the many choices you will have when it comes to musical Advent calendars. If you like your countdown to Christmas to be musical, why not do some shopping online for an Advent calendar that plays a wonderful Christmas tune?



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