Advent Pet Calendars

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What are Pet Advent Calendars?

Advent Pet Calendars

If you are a pet lover or you know someone that is, you probably want to include your pet in your countdown to Christmas. If so, you might want to include an Advent pet calendar. Yes, an Advent calendar made just for your pet, you didn't read that wrong.

Just like the chocolate Advent calendars that have a special chocolate treat behind each window, a pet Advent calendar offers a special treat for your pet behind each window. Whether you have a dog or a cat, you can find an Advent calendar with treats made just for them. What a fun way to include your pet in your Christmas celebration!

Including your pet in your celebrating will probably set you back around $9 or more for a 10-inch calendar, but imagine seeing that tail start wagging each day when you open the Advent calendar window, and the money spent will be worth it!



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