Illuminated Christmas Calendar

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What is an Illuminated Advent Calendar?

Illuminated Christmas Calendar

If you really want to shine some light on your Advent calendar, you might want to look into purchasing an illuminated Advent calendar to really brighten up your Christmas countdown.

An illuminated Christmas calendar can also be 3D, for an added "wow" factor. Imagine your friends and family when they come to visit over the holidays and see your illuminated Advent calendar displayed proudly in your home. Your family may comment on how pretty each window is as you open it and display it in front of a light to see the opened window illuminate. Or they may comment on how nicely sized your illuminated Advent calendar is at almost 30 inches long and 11 inches wide. Perhaps your family will comment about the great price you got on this sparkly calendar, especially when you tell them you can purchase one for as low as $11 on the Internet.

What will your family think of your illuminated Advent calendar this year? Don't wait to find out, start shopping today- Christmas will be here before you know it!



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