Hanging Christmas Calendars

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What is a Hanging Advent Calendar?

Hanging Christmas Calendars

Advent calendars don't have to sit on your counter; there are Advent calendars that hang on the wall. These Advent calendars are a great way to decorate your walls at Christmas time and countdown the days before Christmas. Plus, this type of Advent calendar also frees up your counter space because you won't need to be sitting it on a counter or a table, it hangs on the wall and leaves your flat surfaces for other Christmas decorations.

Hanging Advent calendars are often made with fabric, rather than paper, and usually have a magnetic Christmas-shaped item, such as a present, that you move from day to day until the big day arrives! Some of the really beautiful hanging Advent calendars come with buttoned fabric at the top that wrap around a decorative bar with a fashionable string for hanging on your wall. These hanging Advent calendars come in all sorts of Christmas designs, such as Santa Claus, a snowman, and of course, a Biblical scene. Regardless of what type of scene you choose, the hanging Advent calendar is sure to look great in your home. Prices vary depending on the hanging calendar and the type of fabric it is made from, but check online retailers and other stores for the best deals.



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