What is an Advent Calendar?

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What is an Advent Calendar?

What is an Advent Calendar?

You may have noticed that many people have neat looking calendars that they use for several days leading up to Christmas. These calendars usually have little doors that you can open starting on December 1st going all the way to Christmas day. When you open a door you will see a Bible verse, a poem or a fact about Christmas, all depending on which type of Advent calendar you purchase.

Calenders with Bible verses allow you and your family to memorize important ones or talk about what the verse means. If you choose an Advent calendar that has facts about Christmas, your family can chat about the fact and what it means to you and yours. Another great reason to have an Advent calendar around the house is to help children count down the days before Christmas. This type of calendar gives them a visual countdown for Santa's arrival.

Paper Advent calendars have doors that open each day of December, while the fabric counterparts usually have a pieces to add or remove as the days pass until Christmas.

Some Advent calendars even offer special tasty treats under each door. What will you decide on for your Advent calendar this year? Online stores, like Bronners.com, offer a wide variety of advent calendars to choose from.



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